The TRIBE Success Path

A big welcome to YOUR Tribe Success Path.

This is designed to be completed over months – not weeks, so please remember there is NO rush and you can do it at YOUR own pace…not that of Janice or Tracey! 

There are 5 stages as you can see and we want you to have fully completed and reached the MILESTONES in a stage before moving onto the next one. (All will be explained in the videos)

We will drip feed the stages to you so you are not tempted or able to rush ahead. Stage 2 will become available 1 week after you joined the Tribe, and the remaining 3 will be released at 3 week intervals after that. This will also help you to stop feeling any overwhelm!

I am sure most of us have signed up to something before and left it unfinished in your inbox…pease do not let this happen here as this is YOUR time and YOUR future and you are more than worth it. 

Please work through the SUCCESS PATH  alongside all the support and live content in the Facebook group. Set yourself some time each week and prioritise it. Stop the mindless scrolling and put your time on social media to positive use. 

There is nothing else for you to do now apart from SCROLL DOWN and begin  Stage 1 – Module1 – Lesson 1. 

Enjoy the experience and always remember YOU DO YOU!

Course Curriculum

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